Hi… We are Susan and Amanda, a mother-daughter team and we are ViewsByTheSea.com. We moved to Ocean City as a family almost 14 years ago after being lifetime lovers of the area. Susan’s great grandfather owned a house on Bay Ave and was first introduced to Ocean City when she was only 3 months old. Amanda has a 2 year old son (and another one on the way) who is a 6th generation attached to Ocean City. The proof is in his words… one of his favorite words is “beach.” If he had his way, he would live on the beach.

Even though we are now residents of the island, we have never forgotten our vacation days in Ocean City. We remember the fun, excitement and the wonderful feeling of seeing the ocean and being on the beach. We also remember trying to make our vacation budget stretch!! We have brought these memories into our business, especially in trying to keep our prices as low. The biggest expense saver is that we do not have a studio; we work out of our home. We like to keep things simple and natural. We do crop our pictures, but we don’t do much with “Photoshopping”, as we want to capture your beach moments as they actually were.
Our photo sessions are seldom ever “stiff” or tense. Both of us are very laid back and easy going. We don’t rush through our photo sessions nor do we drag things out. About the only time we “pick up the pace” is if children are restless or it is requested (sometimes adults get board also.) We both love to laugh and we enjoy having others laugh with us.
We are fortunate to be able to live here… for those of you who don’t we want to be able to create a photo memory, so real and natural that when you look at your picture, you will almost be able to smell the ocean , feel the mist and hear the sound of the waves rolling in. For those of you who do live in the area… we want you to be able to capture why Ocean City is such a great place to live.